Iwata hpc ebay currently £40


ad fez

Found this on ebay. .... UK seller 4 hours to go. .... £40 current bid

Item number 231610199890
Oh has it? I'm sorry I didn't read description, I did see another for 47 but ill be damn ed if I'm going through everything under the term "airbrush" to find it again hehe
No worries mate, it will probably go for at least 60, but if i win with 40 that is a bargain!
It's only a bargain if you don't need to spend ££s getting it back to how it should be.
That said I do look for any cm-sb's being sold.
Hahaha , you are aware you actually have one already though right hehehe.....
Yeah but don't you need one for each colour you use, I now know how to use three colours!