Iwata LPH-80 vs. HP-TH for clear?



I spray smaller objects and although my badger airbrushes do spray the HOK USC01 clear fine the pattern isn't quite fine or wide enough so I have to go slow. I do have the HP-TH that I've used for clear and it does better.
I've been tempted to pickup anothe HP-TH and use it strictly for clearcoat but then I thought maybe the LPH80 might be a better long term fit.

Can anyone offer some insight into how the LPH80 sprays clears?
What kind of clear?

HP-TH is .5 right?

Lph80 has bigger nozzle options up to I think 1.2? As small as .6

Depends on what you're painting with it I guess.. how small is "small"?
I have been spraying House of Kolor USC01 for the last year. I also have some PPG shopline 661 or something like that.
The parts I'm spraying are roughly the size of a cigar maybe a little larger. The HP-TH does have a .5 tip. Again it is spraying the paint I just have to go slower otherwise I get some light spots. I have a cheap detail gun i use for primer and am able to push threw parts quickly with it because it has a larger tip. It just got me thinking.
The iwata LPH 80 is a killer spray gun and it only requires 14 - 19 psi. Lays HOK show clear down like glass ( I clear mostly helmets) I have 2 x LPH 80's the one used for clear is a 1.2mm with the E4 air cap and the other is 1 mm E2 cap used for water base base coat . A cheaper option for smaller objects might be a iwata RG 3.
What needle size would u recommend? As i understand it mini gun needle sizes are different then normal guns.
Go for Mr. Hobby PS-290 Trigger Type - Apart from MAC valve, it's exactly the same as Iwata HP-TP. I use it for primers and clears.
Thanks guys. It is kind of a pickle ya know. An airbrush even the Iwata HP-TH will spray out clear and base colors no problem. The airbrushes round pattern is just slightly to small and the HP-TH does well but I thought if i was gunna buy another one maybe I should just buy the 80 and use it strictly for clear and relegate the HP-TH and it's fan pattern to basecoat work. Not sure if the 80 would require more paint then say the hp-th or not

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