iwata manufacturer refurbished



hi everyone,
does anyone have any experience with this?
i bought an eclipse cs refurbished by iwata on ebay....
I'm on a shoe string budget and i really wanted 1 so i took a gamble .... price was right
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I have put this in the airbrush section for you. I have no experience with refurbed airbrushes I'm afraid, but the cs is an amazing brush, I hope it all works out ok, and if there are any issues with it, let us know, many of us have that brush and may be able to problem solve for you. I am imagining it will have had new needle and nozzle, and relacement seals, (should be teflon) and possibly springs. If these have been replaced it should be good to go, if there is any bubbling in the cup then there may be some thread wear on the head depending how old and how much use it has had, but this can be cured by just using some chapstick or similar. But if it has been done by Iwata then it will have been tested and should be fine.
You should be ok. The most likely issues would be needle or nozzle related, and they don't cost that much anyway. The Eclipse is a great brush.
My CS was a refurbished model (but from Coast Airbrush rather than Ebay). There were a few traces of paint in some of the crevices when it arrived, but otherwise it was pretty much like new. I think refurbishing pretty much amounts to them inspecting it and giving it a fresh set of consumable parts (needle, nozzle, o-rings, needle packing). I figure if the body was damaged/defective or the plating was damaged/worn off, they'd just scrap it instead of going to the cost of redoing that stuff.

Aside from maybe needing a little crevice cleaning, it should be as good as a new brush. I'd be more worried about unscrupulous Ebay dealers passing off a non-refurbished or counterfeit brush as a legit refurbished brush.
I am not one hundred percent positive but I do not believe iwata sells refurbished brushes maybe an authorized dealer but not directly from iwata...

do you have a link?