iwata neo



Hi all,
i habe the iwata neo hp-cn gravity feed .35mm, my question is this i have an old side cup airbrush as well with a .2 needle, can i ake the needle and the nozle of that one and use it on my neo??
will it work ok, any thoughts
i use the neo .35mm , i broke the nozzle so i used a cheap chinese .3 nozzle, it is slightly thicker at the tip so i drilled a slightly bigger hole in the air cap to improve the air flow, and now i can use the cheap £1 nozzles from ebay, just be carefull if your gonna drill the cap , make sure it is centered
hmmmm , i wouldnt really reccomend much of either of your questions or comments..... not saying your wrong or ami trying to be being disrespectful, but i mean even though these are regarded as more "budget brushes" they are still precision instruments,,,,, normally some brushes may take a nozzle from the same manufacturer(for instance, badger does a conversion kit for the velocity taking it from a .21 to a .3) but i wouldnt really recomend putting any parts from other manufacturers..... as for drilling.... you guys knock yourself out but the most ill do is maybe cut a bit of spring off or glue some rubber to my trigger..... drilling this and that could ruin your brush
well personally i wouldnt change or drill a more expensive ab, but i refuse to pay the close to the same price for a nozzle and needle as the ab cost, and its basically a knock off with neo stamped on really.
so with my neo wich i still use everyday ill drill it till it looks like swiss cheese lol if it still works
lol great stuff, you crack on mate haha, agree what you say though bro, it is a cheap one.....suppose if it works then no harm done...good luck to ya
I actually have been using the Neo and I love it. It seems to flow smoothly.