Iwata Power Jet Pro?



I'm a beginner trying to shop for a good compression tank. I hope to do fine art on canvas and spray tanning, nothing like car detailing or big projects like that.

I've been looking at the Iwata Power Jet Pro. I really want that protective case, but it's a bit expensive and I don't really need the "double power" that it claims to have but the smaller versions don't have the tank. I don't like settling as far as equipment goes so I guess I'm going big. Any suggestions as far as an alternative or would this be a good investment?
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The power jet pro would be a good investment as they are good compressors, i only went for the power jet lite (no tank) and now wish i had spent the little extra!
As far as being quiet all the iwatas have power and no noise. They are great. But just remember smaller motor, the faster it heats up which gives you moisture. The iwata compressors are strong and will fill the tank fast. But if you will be continuously spaying you will eant a bigger one. I had a smaller one like that but it ran a lot and would over heat. I went and bought a pancake compressor from walmart, its a 6 gallon. Its loud but doesn't run long, and i can paint for an hour before it kicks on again. Bigger the tank the better!!! Hope this helps!!

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That's good to hear, I was curious about the noise level. Originally I thought they were just noisy all the time, I'm glad it's only for a few moments out of an hour!

What does the moisture do? I know you're supposed to get a moisture trap (and I plan on it), but out of curiosity what happens if you don't buy one?
You will get water built up in your airline and eventually come out your airbrush and ruin your painting!!:( i run 2 traps to be sure. One at the compressor and one pistol grip style on my airbrush.

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Oh wow, that really... blows. *slaps knee*

But yeah, I didn't know you could run two. I'll definitely buy both then!
Whatever compressor you purchase i also would fully reccomend a pistol grip filter as a secondary trap.
The pistol grip style is you last resort and i wont paint without one. If you get the iwata compressor, or any other for that matter, make it a habit to check it when ever you set down the the airbrush to change colors. Its a good habit. Especially when painting for hours.

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You guys rock, I'm so glad I found this website before I started buying.