Iwata quick-fit disconnect for Badger Krome adaptor. Does such a thing exist?



Greetings all!

I own an Iwata HP-CS that I also have the Iwata Quick-fit disconnect for. Now I have a Badger Krome and can't seem to find a male end for the badger brush to fit into the Iwata disconnect female part. Anyone know if such a thing exists? Thanks!
Take the airbrush and disconnect end to your local bearing/hydraulics shop, they will have a brass fitting to do the job a lot cheaper than any name brand piece
What you need is the 1/8 inch female thread to a 1/4 inch male quick disconnect. I know that webairbrushes.com sells them. But I know iwata does have a different type of quick disconnect they sell that may be different.

One of two options available. 1. Just get an adaptor that screws on to the Krome. By the way, there should have been one included.
2. Just get the Badger male piece from most airbrush stores. You get Badger branded ones ad well as no name brand ones. Quality is the same.
wow thank for all of the input you's! I'm currently in a terrible, terrible place....Richmond, Virginia USA. the local shops don't have much of a selection, so I'm forced to look elsewhere. I must be getting blind in my old age, went to Coast and found the male quick connect piece that I think will work (badger male quick connect to Iwata hose). fingers crossed it'll work. $5 though, not a real loss if it doesn't. thanks again for the help!
if you are worried about the fit call them A really nice thing about coast is that everybody there will help
you need part 51-038. It should fit an airbrush QD hose. Badger, Iwata, etc..... or you can use the Badger to Iwata hose adaptor that should have come with the airbrush, and use an Iwata QD on it.