Iwatta neo mod



Neos needle cover is solid and a pain to remove to clear a clog . I ground notches in the sides and the end, I glued a mini dremmel buffing wheel to the top of the trigger adding about 7mm to the hight giving it more sensitivity. I added a dab of hot melt glue to the back of the needle making it easier to grab.Works for me.DSCN2696.jpgbentoad
Cool mod and that is why they call it KUSTOM......:) make it your own.Good job.
Wooah u haz ballzz..

But seriously its not gorgious but its a clever idea.
DSCN2703.jpgDO this ,If you want pretty The one off my old harbor freight syphon fits and I put the pretty blue anodozed on neo fits perfect and the ugly on harbor freight, Like some one is going to see it. The trick is the ball of hot melt glue on the needle lets you pull it out. DSCN2080.jpgmy friends call me "MAD MAN" caus I am always making something better. bentoad
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bentoad got some spirit going on,, all i got to say!!! killer
oh wow, so simple and yeet beautiful! I have 2 of these I am going to cut one of the covers now I like the neo just always ran it without needle cover to clear clogs can't believe I never thought of this. Thanks