Jacquard Macro Pearl Highlights



On a recent trip to the local art store i picked up a small jar of Jacquard Macro Pearl to maybe add some pep to sections of my artwork.

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 1.22.57 AM.png
You can mix this with any paint or even transparent base for a pearl effect on your whole project or even specific parts.

I wouldn't recommend spraying this through any brush with a tip smaller than 1.0. It does tend to clog rather quickly in finer brushes. However, i have several HVLP spray guns with 1.3+ tips and it sprays fantastic. A common practice of mine lately has been blending it with floor polish and spraying over my whole project. Gives it a nice sparkly finish at certain angles. Of course it varies depending on how much pigment you add to your carrier (medium).

You can also use a frisket tape and just spray certain areas or even mask off certain areas for application.

I bought the standard Macro Pearl Pigment but it is available in MANY tinted pearl colors. This product really shines with black paint and white the best in my opinion.

If you are looking for the extra little pop of detail in any area of your canvas, give this a try. It cost $5 a jar and it seems to go pretty far.

Here's a link to the product line.

Hmmm I iwll have to look into that . I use pearl powders from HOK and it is always through a .80 to 1.0 mini hvlp.
I also have a flake buster gun for metal flake.
But that seems to appear to be super fine grind . Thanks for sharing
It is indeed a very fine grind. Because of the make-up of the material, i found it clogged my Talon pretty much every time. My talon is also using the fine tip. .23 and that probably contributes. My Paasche VLS seems to shoot it pretty good but that particular brush is running a 1.0 nozzle and tip set. I just prefer to use my smaller HVLP that runs the 1.3. Had no problems with that. I'm becoming addicted to sparkle. :)