japan import micron is this for real???


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1476446_779714292055793_349727808_n.jpg1538726_779714272055795_1491384726_n.jpg I was just dreambrowsing and found this looks real any opinions what do you guys think lastly whats the olympos version of the cmc pluss
I have an Ebay seller that used to list them at $425, for the CM-C+, now they are a bit more , but listed as a CM-C+2. I did buy my HP-C+ and my HP-TH from hi, and saved a. Bunch, just had to wait the extra for shipping.

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i kind of wanted too get the next one fronm coast but i would not mind the extra week or two being i already have a micron also i still have to wait for my money it can take til mid jan you ary i just realy dont feel like getting a knock off i would be resal pissed off if the uality wasnt the same
I'd be a little leary odering from some these ebay sellers. Read some of the negative comments and you'll see why. One guy I read got one that was all scratched up then could never get back in touch with the seller. I'm with all the other guys on here, buy from a reputable company like Coast, they have the service to back it up.
i think if i get the money im hopping for il get the micron cmc pluss and order it from coast no questions hopes wories i know it will be a micron and will ask them to check it out before it ships
Like I said, I have ordered from a different Japanese source on eBay, but have had no issues other than the longer ship time. Yes there is no place like Coast back I it up, but for the $100+ savings, for a factory sealed, brand new brush I could not complain.

With that said Coast is the go to here, no one will treat you better if issues come up.

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its a 125 savings im also wondering if the uality might be better its like canadian beer you can buy it in the us but the true canadian stuff wil knock you off your socks if your not carefull its not ebay either its amazon not that i know the diference
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Same sellers on Amazon and Ebay a lot of the time. If you want I can PM you the name of the Ebay seller I have used 2x now and another member on another forum has used him as well.

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