Jaquard Airbrush Paint?


Detail Decepticon!
Hi, All.
Just a query really, about Jaquard Airbrush paints.
I gather that these are sold in sets or individual colours.
Has anyone here tried 'em out or had any experience with them?
I'd like to have a go and see but the sets are about $35:00 AU and i'd be in trouble with the other half [sseing as it's close to our anniversary and all].
Am using an Iwata HP-C and FW inks at psi of 20, presently.
Thanks in advance,
Yep I have use them . They are not to bad but if you have long spans of not using them after you open them , The dry out no matter how tight you close the cap.
Coverage is good , Tip dry is about the same as Wicked.P1090034.JPG
Thanks, Mr Micron.
Have not yet tried them out, but all research so far indicates that the usual parameters apply-
tip dry, coverage reduction are about average, so I'm not expecting miracles.
Still, I will post some findings as soon after as I can.