Jumping into this all the way....Need your help...



My name is Louis and I'll be asking for some advise from you guys and girls. I'm not entirely new to art and painting but new to airbrushing. My sudden motivation to learn this hobby is because I lost my 23 year old son a couple months ago. As I designed a memorial for him in our home, the idea came to me to paint one of his photo's he had took of the mountains in the background and I want to paint a picture of him on his guitar. I also want to go a step farther and paint some graphics on his mustang and give it to my youngest son. Doing all this will help me deal with the pain and loss so I want to get the right equipment the first time and start practicing right away. I'm looking for user friendly easy maintenance equipment but I def want to be able to achieve fine details. I'll be checking in here when I can. This looks like a great place to learn and share advise.
bless you louis....no better reason to pic up this beautiful craft...I'm sure you will find this place both beneficial and friendly......feel free to ask questions when you need
I take it you are stateside louis? first advice....get a branded brush....badger and iwata are excellent, don't scrimp on the compressor.....a paint like wicked or badgers "spectratex" are bright and suitable for guitar work
Welcome to the forum Louis, and I hope that learning to airbrush will help. I think it will be a wonderful tribute, and the art you will create will have all of your heart in it. May I suggest that you look on the forum home page, under the airbrush forum banner, there is a section called beginners questions. This may help get you on your way, and if not then don't be afraid to ask, there are no stupid questions, and there are many amazing artists who are willing to help.
lots of great folks on here, be youself and dont be afraid to share....
My sincere condolences for your loss. I hope members on this forum can contribute to helping you find a way to cope with it. Plenty of experienced people here willing to help.
Hello Louis, nice to meet you and glad your here!! I believe fez has you pretty well covered on pretty much the basics from your question, I would agree with him 100%. I know the airbrushing will help with the void and I am so sorry to hear that. As said before, don't be shy and share your questions and art with us, and we will help as much as possible. Again, welcome!!

First off, Welcome home.
Next My sincere condolences on your loss , I just lost my dad so I do understand about wanting to do something to pay tribute to your son.
As Josh said Fex pretty much covered the basics . But if you have any questions just ask plenty of helpful folks on here .
Thank you. Looking foreward to making some friends on here.
You have already made about 1,800 friends. Global, wonderful learning atmosphere. I am sorry for your loss hall. Welcome to a wonderful place and make yourself at home. Great to have you here.
Thanks. I will put my heart into this and I'll be posting updates on my progress. I can't express the pain and loss we feel but I feel sure this is good medicine to help us get through this. I thank you all in advance for your support. Lots of pictures and ideas coming soon. I look forward to you guys advise and guidence. Thanks, The Hall family!
I've only been here a week or so, but I can already tell you this place is full of great people! and great artists too.

I just recently purchased my first Airbrush. After asking here and doing some research I went for the Iwata Eclipse CS. It came well recommended and I thought it suited my needs. I got black and white Wicked Detail paint by Createx for the same reason.
I don't know about painting on guitars and cars, but wicked paints have been a great starting point for me to practise the basics on paper/canvas.

All the best Hallboy.
Welcome to the forum hallboy. My sincere condolences on your loss, and if you need any advice just ask! A lot of great people here that will help you! I think that in this post you have already great advices, just follow them and practice, practice, practice.. That is the key.!
Paint your heart out Hallboy, I am more than sure you will do him proud; you have picked a great forum to get advice and help, post all your practise pieces and I look forward watching you grow

I'm looking at the Iwata HP.BC1P for my first brush. Any advise on this. A couple questions:What's the benifits of the different sizes of needles, .35mm or .2mm? Also I saw a couple brushes with triggers, the Iwata HP-TR1 for example. The trigger looks like it would be easy to use and confortable. Any advise here?
Haven't used that particular brush, but am a fan of Iwata brushes in general. As for the trigger, I personally like to hold my brush in a similar way to a pencil, as I find it easier when doing finer detail. I don't think I would have the same control with a trigger (if you mean the pistol grip kind?), but that is just me.
Thanks for the advise. Glad I joined this site before purchasing the first thing I saw. I feel confident I'll be covering something up with color very soon. This hobby will help me more than I can say.
I'm glad, and am looking forward to seeing your first attempts. I find airbrushing completely absorbing, and very theraputic, a chance to express some emotion too sometimes. I hope it can be the same for you.