Just a matey mate introduction! From kiwi paul


mak refinishers

Hey guys thought it would be rude not to introduce myself! Names Paul, 29 years young come from little ol new zealand! been looking for a few people to bounce airbrush questions off for a while now! Only just started getting into it and love it! Im a fully qualified automotive refinisher, have great knowledge with paints(mostly PPG paints LOL) and restoration type stuff so feel free to ask! Been refinishing cars for around ten years! P.s loving the forum!
A warm welcome Mak from the UK. Good to have you on board mate!
hey paul welcome bro, im sure once you get to find your way around the site there will be many threads you can offer some support on, great to have you on board, enjoy your stay.... best wishes from sunny u.k ( where we are currently trashing the aussies in the cricket, i think its to hot for them and they are not used to it or something like that ;o) )
(thats right mitch i said it)
Welcome home Paul , Hmm with the Kiwi in front I think of my mate Kiwi Terry crackin airbrusher :D
Welcome mate. It's ace being 29 isn't it. Perfect excuses to act a bit nutty before you turn 30 :)
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:angel:
Thankyou guys for the amazing welcomes! Didnt wana just jump in on threads and conversations unintroduced! And yeah us painters are always guna be a little party loose even after our dirty 30s haha!il enjoy 29 lol. And good to hear fez your giving those aussies another good dealing too mate they need it hahaha us kiwis thrive on nz/aus sports fueds! Its what fills our other spare time haha!
Welcome to the forum for the US

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Hello and welcome MAK from the US (Pennsylvania), lot of people, talent, and knowledge here all you need do is ask!
Hey Paul. Welcome from New Zealand ... oh ... I mean Rolleston, Canterbury. Yay another Kiwi.