Just acquired an airbrush set



It was used at a confectionary school for chocolate spraying and they said it wasn't working well.

Since I volunteer there and showed interest, they gave it to me for free!

The compressor works perfectly. But the brush had some chocolate residues.
I cleaned it all up according to the manual but haven't lubricated the needle because I don't have one yet.
Then I noticed the tip of the needle slightly bent. Almost not visible but you can feel it.

I will be using it with food colouring made for airbrush.
Americolor brand.

So my questions are...
1.What is the effect from the slightly bent needle?

2. Is this a good airbrush/ compressor?

3. What's this little part? It was in the brush case.
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The little part I mentioned above.
What does this do and why is there an extra?

GCK02 - Grex Tritium.TS Airbrush Combo Kit

The brush looks like a Grex, possibly specific for spraying food stuff. Bent needle means it's time to replace it. I can't see the compressor so can't help.
Great links. Thank you!
Still not too sure what that part is.
Looks like #38
Interesting. This brush has the 0.5mm needle kit in. Someone must have changed it. It suppose to have a 0.3mm nozzle kit.
The part lets you change from a barbed fitting for the hose to a screw on hose,as for the 0.5 mm needle its a little bigger so it will spray a little easy'r for spraying chcalate thru it
Little part is for Badger or Paasche hose. But it also needs one more part to screw it onto air connection down the handle of your airbrush.
So, you don't need it. Regular hose can be mounted on your brush straight or with the quick disconnect.

I would freely repaired the needle, but it looks like you're not ready to do it, so it would be better for you to buy new one.

For repairing you need a piece of window glass (perfect flat surface), different grits of good brand fine sandpapers SIA, 3M or alike (600-2500) and the finest polishing compound.
I think there's a thread for the processing here on the forum, but I'm not sure.
The first step is to straighten the tip with smth metal rotating the needle on the surface, for example with drill bit. Then sand it keeping the right angle of the tip, changing the grit from 600-800-1000-1500-2000-2500. And the final touch is polishing. After the job's done right, you got perfect tip, actually better then new.
bend needles are a big problem with the Grex airbrushes , I had the grex XN back in the days but I found the materials used for the nozzle and needle to soft . the airbrush is just fine if you replace the needles and nozzles on a regular base .
I tested it out today.
It is no longer a dual action. Just a large amount of fluid comes out as soon as I push the trigger.

I tried to adjust the location of the needle. It's either nothing or big.

Will getting the new needle fix it or something different?
I am not sure if I understand it but a dual action turned single action would mean parts have been removed or changed , according to the grex site it is a dual action and the trigger regulates the air and paint flow , this means it not only moves the trigger but also regulates the air .
now I dont think the airbrush is now really a single action but I think the nozzle is blocked or damaged by the bend needle or both . the materials used by grex are soft and you mentioned there was chocolate in the airbrush so I guess there is still some in the nozzle .
you cant adjust the needle location in any way it has to be seated in the nozzle and seal it when the needle is not moved
I agree with Ronald, sounds like a nozzle issue. Get hold of some interdental brushes from the toothpaste section next time you are grocery shopping, Drop the nozzle in some hot water, then use the interdental brush to clean out any left over choc.
I cleaned again including the nozzle with interdental brush and it is working properly now.
More chocolate came out with the brush.

Not sure if it's working 100% of its potential though. I can get the lines pretty thin but you can see fine over spray if you look closely.

Anyway, I also bought an Iwata HP CS this morning when I got the 20% off sale notice from a local art store. Orders online.

Do I need to get an adapter to use iwata brushes with GREX compressor?
You shouldn't have to, Grex uses a 1/8 thread as does the Iwata, if you have the quick release valve you may need a quick release male connector ir take the one off the other airbrush if it has one.

Not sure if it's working 100% of its potential though. I can get the lines pretty thin but you can see fine over spray if you look closely.

Anyway, I also bought an Iwata HP CS this morning when I got the 20% off sale notice from a local art store. Orders online.

It's normal work for any airbrush:) You can compare spray pattern to your new brush on its arrival. I think, you will not find much difference.

I'd clean the airbrush again with some dishwash gel with warm water and then after with solvent reducer or kind of that stuff.
Never thought that chocolate can be sprayed through an airbrush:)
Ya I am looking forward to compare two.

They have different nozzle sizes though. 3.5mm in iwata I think.

Thank you all for your help!