Just getting started



Hi guys,
My name is Steven and I live in this small country named Belgium. My English isn't that great so you might be reading some strange stuff now and then. :lemo:
I'm new to airbrushing and still very busy setting up my workplace, so I only did a few exercises on dots and strokes.

Almost finished my home-build compressor-box, so I probably make a new topic about the construction with some photos I took while building the box.

I do like the website/videos and already learned a lot!

hey steven and welcome to the forum from sunny u.k!!!
loads of nice and friendly folk on here to learn from aswell as a host of pro artists to inspire (and also make you feel worse about your own abilities heheh)
all the best and enjoy your time here, any questions then hit up the search bar as its probably been asked before but any troubles just ask!
Welcome aboard Steven, from Calgary. I was in Belgium a few years ago, you have a beautiful country :)
welcome from honduras,hope you can callthis place home as i do!!!:angel:
Thanks everyone, I feel like home already ;)
Also great to see so many different countries present!
Hey Steven Welcome to the uk. Great memories of Belgium, went on a school trip for a few days, and we "lost" the teachers and all got drunk as you could get served at 15 Lol! But I remember it being beautiful too. Look forward to seeing your progression with the AB.