Just joined !


Stevie G

Hi all !
I'm Steve from Essex in the UK.
I've dabbled with an airbrush for some years now but have never really progressed beyond painting model cars.
I went to the Kustom Kulture Blast Off event in Spalding last weekend and was absolutely blown away by the airbrushed artwork there.
So, having decided that I needed to get serious with the airbrush now I found the Airbrush Tutor from an article in the P&KG magazine and "signed up".
I'm going right back to basics and have already done an hours worth of dots .....
I'll hopefully have some artwork to post up in a couple of months :eek:
Looking forward to chatting and sharing with you all.
Happy painting !
When I started airbrushing I had to hunt for books that were very rare in Holland at the time. Then mess up badly when trying to do what was in the book and make horrible paintings... Today there's this wonderful forum. Welcome and hope you have a good time here.
Hello Steve welcome aboard :) . If you have any questions just post them here and the people will help you the best as they can :)