just moved to nepal and dont know where and how to get paint



hello everyone... i just moved to nepal where there is non existent airbrush art and i desperately need airbrush paint. i tried almost everything from what i could find here (from mixing water w/ acrylic paint to printer inks ) but its not the same as using the actual airbrush paint (i mostly used Aquaflow Createx and Etac and also i painted on Tshirts mostly). I also tried ordering from States but Fedex or DhL told me that they dont ship Liquid. so my question is..is there any other way i can order paint from overseas or if there is any other way i can make my own paint that doesnt wash off....Need help deperately!!!
Gouache will work,its not liquid so it needs heavy thinning, but you can have good results with the exspensive brands.

I believe a synonym is poster paint, but buy a quality brand, cheap won't work.

Also u could use inks, they can be used awesomely too.