Just starting from australia



Hi all, my names Alan and im from Western Australia. I use to be a tattoo artist and now im just starting to airbrush, I havnt realy done any painting yet still gathering info. Im looking forward to learning and eventualy painting bikes and hotrods. I already build them next step is to airbrush them.
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Hey Alan! Welcome from the U.S. As a tattoo artist, I think you'll have a pretty easy transition since you're eye is already trained to a degree. Now its just figuring out the different techniques between an airbrush and tattoo gun. Lots of great knowledge here. Hope to see some of your work soon.
Welcome Alan, its about time we saw some more Aussies on here, it's a very multicultural place, you should enjoy it. Lots of laughs and learning to be found :)
hey mate, im also a retired tattooist from OZ, NSW,, trying airbrushing,, these guys here will be more than helpful , very cool dudes, best of luck and enjoy,, i am,,
Another welcome from the states! Just jump right in and ask some questions. Since your still gathering info, this is te place to get it.

hey alan, welcome from the u.k brother!!!

im sure with your background in tattooing you will pick upthe brush skills really quickly.... what kind of art did you enjoy doing most when tattooing... black and grey, old school, tribal etc etc ?? am looking forward to seeing how this transfers to the brush!

ad fez ( a human colouring book)