just starting out at 65



I am from Indialantic ,Fl .on the beach I am a RC model plane builder, designer and retired mechanic and never tried my hand at art I took a couple of water color classes. This is The only art I have done.I bought a harbor freight syphon brush a couple of weeks ago and struggled with it and almost gave up. I saw this site and decided to try a IWATTA NEO and what a difference. I have had my new brush for four days and I am excited to get beter. I have been using my planes for canvas. I look like I need a lot of practice This is my 100plus MPH 1000 watt 27,000 rpm stryker I did the EYE BALL tutorial but tried to make it a hollow point. The skull was fun and looking forward to everyones help . There is some awesome art out there. Thanks for the help. bentoadDSCN2477.JPGDSCN0355 - Copy.JPG DSCN0344.JPGDSCN0680.jpg
Someone came to my house to buy an unrelated item I had advertised and paid me 300 dollars for the sebastion inlet bait house water color. Who would have thought?
Welcome , What scaled planes are you flying? RC Planes are a blast to fly I use to fly a 1/4 and 1/2 scale when I lived in El Paso ,Tx. had a couple of rich friends who flew full scaled ones.
I started abing when I was
I have a few scale planes but most are home made. I have a PBY,taylorcraft . a piper cub a beaver and I have sailboats and power boats. I bought a NQD mosquito craft from goodwill and highly modified it for 4 months and came out with a 100 yds in 2.8 seconds 143 amps at almost 40,000 RPMS recorded on my on boardView attachment 4282View attachment 4283 data logger. I think we should keep this in the air brush catagory. I kind of got off track I love RC and want to learn to decorate them. bentoad
DSCN2490.jpgI tried to put some wild lighting on my 100 MPH " STRYKER" >This is not a failed attempt , it was another way that didn' work. SOOOOOOOOOOOO i painted It again. Here is interesting before and after picsView attachment 4294