Just starting out, what to get?



I'm just getting started with airbrushing. I have two main reasons for doing it:

1. I want to be able to paint details on my R/C models. Most of these are EPO foam but some may be plastic coated balsa kits.
2. I want to start playing around with just doodling, making flames, lightning, etc... just to learn and maybe make a little art.

As a beginner and with the above two considerations, what is the best paint to get? Do I need any additives, cleaners, or other stuff to go along with it? Where is the best place to get this stuff?

I already know I will want opaque black and white for the R/C models but I wouldn't mind getting a few other colors (reds and yellows for flames and blues for lightning) and playing with transparent colors as well as pearlescent/metallic paints. Advice please?
Hi Gahawn, firstly welcome to the forum.

I fly r/c planes too, I have painted my foam models with ordinary acrylic paints, and if it's real EPO foam, by that I mean not building standard or packing foam, you can use house hold oil based paints, but i would recommend a test piece first.

All of my models now are covered balsa except my indoor Depron models, when you say "plastic covered balsa" iwould assume that means Oracover shrink film, if so this is actually polyester, but it is very resilient and I've cleaned glue residue off of it with synthetic thinners with no damage whatsoever, if it was plastic it would melt as would foam.

So basically any type of paint at all can go onto your balsa models (assuming not plastic), but to be on the safe side you can buy a small square of Oracover from your model store and apply this over a wooden frame just like a canvas to use as a test panel, and try out any paints you have to see what gives you the best result.

I haven'y actually painted any of my balsa models because they come pre finished, I just bought the Sebart 50E, their version of the S-Bach and I wouldn't change it for the world, that's this one.

View attachment 15417

It doesn't have the stickers yet, this is mock up build just for the photo.
I forgot to add, your approximate location will help us tell you where to get your needs.
I thought with the Internet the whole world is right next door. :p

I'm in California, USA

LOL, it is, but unfortunately not the postal service.

I know some of the guys form your neck of the woods use this one;

Airbrush Products and Accessories-Coast Airbrush:paint / Flakes

Or this one;

Auto-Air Colors, Createx Colors, Com-Art, Createx Paints, Temptu

And I'm sure some of the others guys will let you if there are more, generally any of the paints you find on these 2 sites can be used on your models, Tamiya is frequently used, although mostly on lexan car bodies, so they a safe also on plastic.

Based on your needs, I assume you fly mostly scale models, warbirds for example? I prefer stunt planes since I am totally mental, lol

Keep us posted on your progress.