Just wanted to say Hello



Hello all. Just wanted to pop in here and say hi from Massachusetts. I'm new to Air Brushing and I mean NEW :) I have read a lot over the past few months about paints, Air Brushes, compressors, and the "How to's" lol. I don't know how many Youtube vids but all in all, they ALL seem to some how lead back to this site. So I signed up. Got a lot to learn I know that. From what I have read though THIS is the place to do it. So far all the posts I have read this community seems very nice and eager to help with advice and tips.
So, to start. I got into this because I build and fix computers, my neighbor does auto body and asked me to help him out. After I did he said he had no use for this air brush and he didn't ever get the time to learn. So he just gave it to me. It is a Badger 150. (I know it's old lol and out dated now) but none the less I figured a good brush to learn on. And besides you can't beat free ;-) It was a kit, it had the AB, hose, two bottles, the tools, spare needle and nozzles.
I went to Hobby Lobby and got some Createx black, reduced it with just some water to "From what I read 2% milk" and printed out the lessons from here. I"M HOOKED!. I set up a nice little area in my basement but the sound of my compressor was driving me crazy. I went out and bought the california 4610 air compressor because I read that having a tank is better for a few reasons so I graded that and the regulator that most people seem to rave about from Amazon. Hooked it all up and all was great.
Anyways, before this turns into a book lol, I just wanted to say hello and I hope soon I will be able to share something that can be considered art.
Hi Sway, welcome. Sounds like you got the bug already, nice :)
Have Fun
Thank you Mel. Well, I have always been into art and have been drawing from the age of like 12. I have always wanted to get into Air Brushing but never really had the time. Now I work from home and run my own computer business. So NOW I have the time. I"m sure I have a lot to learn about the air pressure's, tip sizes, and paints to get good flow but I do have the bug lol. Thank you again.
Welcome to the forum! We all have a lot to learn, we are here to learn from each other and have a good time doing it. :)

I know what you mean, 20 years ago I had a 5 gallon Craftsman compressor, i had it in a closet covered with blankets and it was still loud as hell. I started off with a Badger 150, it is a great brush.
Any questions you may have, let us know.
I am looking into building a silent compressor here in the next few months, when I do, I will be sure to document everything well and create a thread dedicated to it.
Welcome home Sway , Nice to add you to the family and nothing wrong with Free, I too started on a free hand me down Paasche VL got hooked and bought a Iwata Eclipse CS, Than a Micron CM-C+ and than a Krome... All great brushes..
Next time your in Hobby Lobby pick up some Wicked (made by Createx ) you will love it over the Createx. Plus it will paint on most surfaces..
Thank you Mr.Micron. I have read that Wicked is a much better paint but it was my very FIRST time shooting paint lol so I went with the cheaper of the two. I got an 8oz bottle of the Createx Black for under 10$. But after realizing I said WOW! I think 8oz's will last a long time hahaha. At first I looked at the 2oz bottles and I figured it would go fast and I didn't want the 45 minute drive to go back for more paint lol. I plan on doing all this in my basement so I am going with the water based paints. And I think once i'm done getting some practice in I will be moving to the Wicked line. I also hear that the Wicked line is an easier paint to learn as far as reducing and finding the right consistency with better results. But again, I am sure I will learn a few things as I go.
welcome from honduras.hope you can this place home, like i do.:eagerness: