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Hee everybody ! I want to ask you this : I am going to paint a guitar, but still doubt wich psint to use. I want to use some kandies... Now do you suggest using the solvent base like inspire or is there already a good waterbased/ acrylic wich getting the same results ?

Greetings, Patrick
I'll answer then!?!

solvent candies are Faaaar superior to water based ones buddy. Just remember to build them up in lots of gradual layers, covering everything you want in candy evenly.
Wicked does not have a Kandy, Auto Air does, same paint family. Water based kandys are not dye based though they are pigment based. Solvent based kandys are dye based therefore more transparent.

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Whoops! ! Auto Air candy...and wicked lol my bad.. AND YES WEAR A MASK!! trust me, found out the hard way should have been wearing mine all along
ahh the heck with the mask get high have a good time only live once lol only kidding . I heard from a well known name in the industry that the water base can be just as bad or worse thain the soolvent. off that note water base candies arent true candies true candies are die base i believe. and water is pigment base. as for true candies cant wait to try em oot myself when i go south . i will have a garage to work in and F lorida .

One thing i noticed aboot water base candies which are probebly just transparents with extra transparent base is if you build up to much over black they tend to turn the black muddy hard to explain . if you want the true candy experience go hok
Here is the real deal ....

WaterBase Candies are not true candies and will muddy up when trying things like true fire..
Where urethane base candies are true candies and the difference in the out some is huge ..
So where do i get urethane candies in South Africa - nvm wicked. I had thought to get a bunch of AA candies and transparents for my next job, but now you are worrying me Mr Micron :0
I myself am going to wait til I git down south to mess ariound with candies cant wait i will do an awesome space painting and some fire and my trek bicycle
what candie colors have special? more transparent or ...?

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