Kiwi spray nubling!



Heyas Im a New Zealander from auckland I have always been into art and things I build star wars lightsabers and costumes and had always used spray cans.

After painting my last costume I decided to get my self a cheap airbrush set up to learn...and learn I have been..Ive learnt that I should have started airbrushing years ago!

I am actually pretty decent at it so far and I have watched every single airbrush tutorial on youtube I can find :)

I Brought me a great aerograph super 63 for almost nothing and then promptly broke it and am back to usig the chinese airbrush which its way way way more imprecise to use...feel like im trying to paint pinstripes with a mop after using the super 63 (see trouble shooting for the thread if you can help with aerograph super 63 info).

Anyway dont think Il post any painting until I get some real paints...(Ive been using tubed arcrylics with window cleaner to thin)

Looks like a good place to learn stuff about airbrushing il be around a lot!
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Heya bro thanx! Think ive got my parts sorted fro my broken Aerograph now so im a happy chappy!
Oh did you manage to find spare parts or repaired the broken nozzle? Cause i also had a look for parts today after your post and could not find anything.
hey welcome from the u.k, nothing like being a soldier and using whatever you have to hand to get paint mcguyver, ok I have some food colouring and some peanut butter!?
Thanx for all the welcomes guys and girls!

I have sent about 30 emails to a bunch of airbrush stores I have found parts and I have even found out the the new owners (as in 1 month owned) of Aerograph they intend to start producing the full Aerograph line again..and I have also informed them of the problems the last manufacturers had with the use of way to soft brass in the parts.

I even went as far as to say il test the new parts for them hahaha.

I prefer old tools you see..theres something about the older tools, better metal recipes, better designs and an emphasis on making things that last instead of making everything as a disposable unit like they do today.

Hence im trying to save my old AB :)
I have a feeling you are going to come up with great stuff. Everyone here will point you in the right direction and you will get a few laughs on the way. Welcome!
Welcome to the forum!! Hope to see some work soon, you will learn a lot hear, glad to have ya on the forum!!