Krome just arrived



So my long awaited Krome arrived today. Thanks Ken for this as there was none in stock at Coast and he shipped one directly for me. It was a replacement for a faulty Talon i had and that i didn't want to see i got Badger :)
First impression is that the brush is more heavy than my Neo but balance is better when painting. The finger rest is a very nice features and guarantee a long time painting without straining on the finger.
Trigger control is a everyone else who tried the Krome said! It is smooth like a hot knife in butter with both press for air and rocking back for paint.
Only thing is that the needle is a bit on the tight side and makes return to nozzle sealing delayed when i push forward to stop paint. Don't want to mess with the needle packing and i lube the parts a bit. will give it a try.
Can anyone who has the Krome post a closeup photo of the head assembly where the tiny nozzle sits. Mine has a bell like curve and i guess this is normal to accommodate the shape of the nozzle itself. No leak anyway and i did not over tightened it too.
This is a very nice brush and require much care if you want it to serve you for a long time. I might purchase the needles just in case i damage them during paintings as they are exposed, specially the fine .3 one.
Besides my ignorance on the needle tightness and the head assemble shape, i a a proud owner of a Badger Renegade Krome and do not regret the long time waiting for it to come.
Thanks again Ken..count me among your faithful customers.

Hi Don, how could i forget your review on the krome and i based my decision on buying if after reading yours on it..
I guess that now the needle returning issue has to do with the packing being a bit too tight..might try to loosen it a .5mm to see if it helps or just use it till it loosen by itself.
Thanks again for confirming Don.