Krome nozzle off center



I checked out my Kromes nozzle needle with the mag glass that comes with the Iwata cleaning kit and either the nozzle is not seating properly or the hole in the nozzle cap is off center as the nozzle is touching the cap on one side, this is on the .21 setup, I guess it goes back to the shop for some work!
Try rotating the needle before you send it back, it may just have a sweetspot and is not perfectly central..If you cant find a sweetspot, roll it on glass and check for a slight bend..It can be easily fixed most likely at home..
I did try to rotate and reseat the nozzle because these are supposed to be self centering from what I understand, and it still is touching on the 5 o'clock position on the cap, I have another nozzle cap that I bought and cut the prongs off of for close up, I will try that on before it goes back just to make sure, I don't want to be with out my Krome! Even though I have had problems with it I still love it!!;)