Krome trigger sometimes doesnt shut off paint.



Hi there my new Krome is playing up. i think i know the problem just want to see if anyone agrees. right the trigger stops short and the paint still flows when the air is still. when i come to start to paint again,i put air on the paint is coming out still, bacause the trigger is not fully closed. so i touch it where the needle nut is and the neddle moves about 3/4 mm and it shuts!. so ive cleaned and looked at it. then i a thought. so taking the brush apart. neddle out so on. i took the nozzle off then put the neddle in and tryed the trgger its fine till i put the nozzle on. so looking at the neddle it is not central where the nozzle goes . now should the neddle be in the center where the nozzle goes or is it surpost to be like thats well the only way i can sort the problem is to lube it all the way to the tip of the needle. it then sprys great for a while then i have to clean and lube again. if this is normal is there anything i can do seems the bottom of the brush inside is putting a little bend it the needle just before the needle goes past the cup then pushing the needle off centre then the needle has to push up side the nozzle to get to center and through. lovely brush to use though i must say. thanks for your vues on this hope you can understand my words
Check the tension on the needle bearing.
I had to tighten mine up a bit due to paint was trying to back flow into it and would bind up the needle from seating all the way.
Since than I have not had any problems with the needle not fully shutting off.
The trigger does not control how the airbrush shuts off . It only allows it to be pulled back to allow paint flow. So it is not shutting off it hase to be either a clog or back flow of paint that makes the needle stick.
Hi again i wasnt sure how to put it on the forum thats why i put trigger but yes. i tightened the tenstion. it was just that a noticed the needle not being central so thought it wasnt seating because of it. i think ive sorted it now with lube. but ill see tomorrow when i start to detail. thanks just wondered if any one else had, had this problem. phil