Krome trouble



I have just been testing my new badger krome, I just used water to see if it was working ok, I used my revell master class compressor for the test, Found a few problems with it , when spraying dots it sometimes works ok and then it stops, just air comes out, as though the tip has moved, also the rear adjuster seems to go out of adjustment as well, eg when spraying dots , water stops and to get it to start again you loosen the adjuster a small amount, I had a look at the paint nozzle seat through a magnifying glass in the nozzle/tip housing and it looked pitted and a bit rough to me, I have got the ultra fine needle and nozzle fitted, any ideas or will I need to send it back for a replacement, one more thing some of the dots sprayed had some splatter but only on the top left hand side, hope I have explained the problems clearly enough.