Krome vs Evolution Silverline



does anyone have both the Badger Krome and H&S Evolution Silverline? I am trying to find out how they compare especially in the quality of atomization. Also how smooth their parts go together and how smooth the triggers are.

Thanks in advance
i have the same problem,been thinking into buying a new airbrush,so i came into an iwata hi line,a krome and a silverline since i own an infinity, i believe that they are amazing,but i cannot permit that an accident to stop me and another infinity is out of the i need an extra airbrush.well the trigger of the infinity can be adjusted to a point that is almost as you are pulling nothing.i´ll be watching this thread.thank you donec!!!:boxing:
If I had to buy a gun now, it will be the Silverline 2-in-1 but I will change the head to the one on the Infiniti. I want the needle to be more open and the protection cap to be easily removable.