Any comments on how to render lace ? It's a white on black image, urethane on aluminum. I may shoot through some old stockings, then build up the detail pattern. I wonder if it's worth building a handheld stencil to try to keep the pattern realistic based on the source image.


(Note inline img of a female chest, for those that are squidgy about that kind of thing)
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When I do lace I will base the area in the color I want the lace , Lay down the lace than spray the color of the back ground.
Than depending on how much detail I want in the lace is how much more time I will spend on it.
I agree with herb, use actual lace as your stencil, then go back in and detail it. If you want the exact same pattern as in your ref, then maybe make a stencil, but if it's not really important it would save a lot of time and effort if you could find something similar.
Herb is spot on, its a little bit of a stuff around but worth the time and effort in the end.
Practice several times first to get your pressure and distance from surface right
Yeah, didn't work out. I'd laid the base down already, which was fine. My (lack of ) ability to paint perspective properly, or properly, shone through.

This is the source image. I'll post the wip tomorrow.




Help a (blind) brother out ?


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Maybe repaint just that area in white first, then lay down the lace and spray the background colour through, then detail any areas that need it, and add shading.
Or, looking at your ref, paint exactly what you see. Use an almost random movement of the airbrush around the rough pattern on the lace itself, with a reduced white. I'd explain it better when I can post pics!