Large area of spray



Hi guys, I recently purchased a relatively cheap air brush and compressor intending to use it for general base coating of miniatures and scenery however the model I own doesn't have a particularly big area of spray even when fully opened. I need an air brush that will give me a spray area equivalent to that of an ordinary propellant spray can, I really don't need it for intricate work, just a cheap reliable model with a large area of spray. Now bare in mind in your reply that I'm an absolute novice when it comes airbrushing and I literally just bought a compressor and airbrush with little research and I don't want to make the same mistake twice :p cheers for any advice guys and girls

Badger Anthem :) Mini gun is just a little spray touch up gun, grex though make a trigger grip style airbrush and think it has a decent sized needle for bigger work but Anthems more versatile
What sort of needle size should I be looking for?