Large art work easier (WIP Lighnting McQueen)



It's probably an obvious answer but is larger artwork easier?

I'm currently doing my Lightning McQueen on a piece not much bigger than an A4 size and since I am mostly masking it up, cutting and spraying small details is very fiddly. Obviously if I were to do this on a larger scale I have more room to move.

Is this generally the case, the larger the better?

Plus any tips on what I have done so far. I have made some obvious mistakes already, some red areas I missed, and I totally stuffed up my grey. I put black down first then added white, forgot it was meant to be the other way round.

One thing I am happy about is my first attempt at blending the red and yellow but my attempt at producing a thin green line around the number 95 was abismal. Any tips on pin striping?

I think the picture below will be alot easier on a large scale, talking about a metre wide.


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Small is defo harder than large. Not that I have any experience with very large yet but the difference between 4x6 and 8x10 is enough to tell me it is... One the pin striping, some things are just better done with a brush, or masking it off with actual pin striping tape, which is not cheap by the way. These are of course the ramblings of a total newbie so keep that fact in mind...
Yeah there are 2 lots of green on the picture. One free hand, one masked. Can you tell them apart? lol
Bigger is always easier. There is more forgiveness for error. When I'm painting, I either go background to foreground, or dark to light if there is no true layers. Dark to light is a tattoo thing tho. I don't have any problems using white on darker colors though, I just put more layers.
I agree with tat2, i always do dark to light. Larger things are going to be a bit easier to get the detail you want in there without worrying about flubbing it up. Though there's some question even in my background of tattoo and graffiti, if someone strictly only works on big large pieces if they have as much skills as someone who works on smaller stuff....My opinion is: YUP. Honestly i tend to have a harder time with larger stuff, i have no idea why, i can do it, but i am more intimated by it. Maybe i am use to a canvas no larger than a back on a person, or a big arm, or thigh.
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I think the larger projects are intimidating because there is so much space to fill. For people from the tattoo industry, where we work with small detail, it seems like it will take forever. But logically, it's easier because the space allows for more detail to be clearer. Is someone who does large scale as talented as someone who does small scale? Yes, you still have to have the knowledge to know what the hell you're doing! My boyfriend couldn't paint a large mural to save his life. He doesn't have any artistic skill or training. It's all talent and skill.
Yip, I may agree in this argument, but remember you have actually much more detail on bigger. Look at the eyes for instance, you can get away with a few drops of paint to get the effect of a beautifull eye when they are small, whereas with bigger you even have to paint shadows and highlights for the eyelashes. So I do not actually know which way to go.