Large scale heatsetting




I am close to finishing a huge airbrushpiece on lycra with Createx Wicked Colours.
It measures about 50 square metres, (480square foot?) so heatsetting this with an iron will take me aaaaaages.
Last year I ironed my big airbrushpiece, and I'm not happy with the way it was heatsetted (and the time I spent).
I looked into regular heatpresses, wich measure max 60cm*60cm and are expensive!
Do you guys know of industrial 'heatpresstables' of let's say, 2*3metre? Does such a thing exist?
I'm hoping I can rent a few hours on such a thing?
Any other suggestions?

beneath, pic of Wip,
with blacklight

Dunno if this suggestion is daft but have you tried the local Dry cleaners? they have big heat presses.
Looking good by the way :)
The laundry sounds like a good idea, but from what my wife says Lycra and heat are not friends.
It may cause damage to the fabric.
Might try heat setting a small offcut to see what happens?
Does it actuality need heat setting? what is the purpose of your creation? is it for indoor decoration? If so, why would you need to heat set it?
Heat guns, heat lamps, a hairdryer LOL..All at a safe distance of course, or howbout a clear coat of some description to protect the work, dunno really LOL but as Oddball suggest, does it need heat set? You could of course also lay it out in full sun for a cple of days but watch out for bird shiz LOL
Lycra (spandex) by nature will get stiff and become unflexable with heat. If it is indoors I wouldn't worry about heat setting it. Blow dryer at best if it makes you feel better lol

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I can only speak for AA paints and they don't actually need heat setting, I've seen Simon Murry set up these air driven fans to get passage of air passing over a piece. I believe the use of a heat gun is for speed. you just net to evaporate the water out of the paint.
Bit of overkill, don't you think?
No worries about dry spots or uneven setting, though!
Lmao - - heaps!:laugh::thumbsup:
Hi, Jesse.
Just wondering how it's going with the heat setting?
Have you had any luck?
Congrats on completing such a HUGE project!
That's funny I was actually thinking the same thing earlier today

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