Layers of Different Paint Types



I would like to know if it's possible to spray Auto-Air/Wicked paints on top of Enamel/Rustoleum paints or vice versa, and what clear coats would be suitable for the finish.

I will be restoring old bikes, Rustoleum (Combicolor) are the best (and reasonably cheap and accessible) for covering bare metal without primers cus they stop rust and harden really well, very long lasting glossy paints.

But i'm not sure if i want to deal with the hassle of changing rustoleum paint all the time when working on fine graphics cus they are really hard to clean, so i want to use Auto-Air in combination with Wicked colors for general graphics and finer detail.

The company that sells Combicolr Rustoleum has a very good clear coat (1K and 2K hardness) to use with the Rustoleum, but i'm wondering if it might interfere with the wicked and AA paints.
Any ideas?
How about doing the base coats with the rustoleum, clearing with their clearcoat, then doing the graphics etc, on top?
I know it means 2 clear coats but you shouldn't have worries about mixes of paint types, then.
I'm sure someone else will chime in with an idea or 2.
I use Rustoleum base coats with wicked and auto air on practice pieces. Just use a clear that is compatible with the base coat. Allow the wicked or AA to fully cure 24 hours before clearing and you should be fine.

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I have use them together as well , Let the base cure and scuff it so the AutoAir/Wicked has a good tooth to hold to than do your art work and clear.
Ive had problems with rustoleum paints not holding paint....make sure you sand or skuff really good. I am looking at one on my wall I kept as an example just to remind me of this problem.....