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Ok, so after destroying my first "portrait", I think I'll use a more detailed layout next time. My question is:

If I want to layout with pencil, how do I get rid of the pencil line when I don't need it anymore?

I tried erasing it after laying some paint, but that was impossible. I plan to buy an electric eraser, but still...

In areas where you want to use light shades, the pencil line shows. Looks horrible. What do you guys do to fix that?
Is it possible to do your layout lines very feint with a 3H or 4H pencil?
I normally cut the darker shapes and mapping points out of a paper "stencil" and then lightly shade through the stencil. then I don't have any lines to deal with
Your sketching lines must never be darker then the area they will be painted in. It's a taught in drawing 101. Also depends on the surface. A electric eraser will not help. And a lot of paints does not like going over graphite. If you can trace using graphite transfer paper then use that. It erases easier then pencil graphite.

Or use Flycatchr's method. I use both mapping and graphite tracing paper.
Depends for me whether I can print it out to the correct size I need or not. If I can print it I will either use seral paper or scribble on the back of the printout with a soft lead pencil. Then I trace the image on to the paper or board or whatever you're painting on. Alternatively if its a bit large I either use a program to print out the picture in sections and use the pencil or seral method or I use a projector. If it does come out a little dark, I use a putty eraser to lighten the lines a bit. Hope this helps a bit MJ

Being trained in old school drafting. I use 4H for solid lines 7 H for the darkest shadows and 9H for the lightest. Doing this I have never had to try can get rid of a line. But when I first started I just use a good old number 2 .
I trace the line very lightly then use a kneading eraser and knock it down so that you can hardly see it. Hit those lines with a very light spray, just enough to see the spray then erase the pencil lines.
Maybe avoid pencils all together. You could make a quick paper mask, and spray very lightly through it, just to map out where everything goes, then paint over the top of that.
Another idea, I think Andre recommended at one time a few years back use water color pencils, similar colors to your paint colors. They will disappear when painted over.

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Another idea, I think Andre recommended at one time a few years back use water color pencils, similar colors to your paint colors. They will disappear when painted over.

I started using water color pencils too and use a yellow lightly, just enough to see the line and it disappears when painted on and doesn't alter the colors to any perceptible level :)
I kinda "bloodline" my lines in, much like i would do with tattooing, when i knew i couldn't finish the piece but i wanted to have a map for the next session. Really light marks. I have tried to use carbon paper, i found that to be more of a hassle and messy. Maybe i just used crap paper though.
How would you blood line paper? I used it in tattooing too, but just distilled water, so it left a raised outline that bled a little, otherwise no color.
I worded that funny, haha, blood lining in tattooing was the closest comparison to compare i could think of...basically, i reduce my paint drastically, and then shade areas or create line art out of the image i want, just a skeleton , barely laying anything down, just enough to see and then start working off of that. Almost the same kind of concept if you were free handing a tattoo