Learning time



Just want to say hi everyone. I hope to learn how to airbrush from this forum as well make new friends.
I'm new as well, learning is always a good thing, welcome and take time to do what u love. I think that is what life is really about.:moon:
Hi from the uk! You've definitely found the best place to learn!!! Check out the Tutors vids, and get stuck into those exercises, you'll get sick of 'em, but you'll never regret it. Nail those, and you're on your way.
Hi keepthedream, welcome to the forum. Can you tell us where in the world you live, what equipment you have and what sort of artwork you want to paint.
Cheers Mel
Welcome to the forum from the US.

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Welcome to the forum, like its been said, download the tutorials and the exercises and practise hard. You will learn so much and become an accomplished AB artist.

welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!:triumphant:
Welcome on board my friend, there is no finer place to learn from all different levels than here, great people and huge amounts of talent, enjoy:)
You have come to the right place to learn and you have found a great group of people :)