LED Projetor advice needed.



Hi Guys and Girls, hope You like the air around....:)
I need advice for purcasing a LED Projector, only for transfering pictures and tones from AdobePS/Painter X3/ and other pict/paint programs.. and not for Euro-Foodball or some "game of the throne/film".
I have 2 items in mind, naimly :


  • Projektion Type: Full Color LED
  • Farve: Sort
  • Pære Levetid: 50.000 Timer
  • Anvendelse: Hjemmebiograf
  • Maksimal Opløsning: 1080p Full HD (1920 x 1080)
  • Standard Opløsning: 800 x 600
  • Kontrastforhold: 800:1
  • Lysstyrke: 1500 Lumen
  • PRICE: 1800.- Danish krones = Approx 240 Euro

and a bit more expencive, but also a better resolotion.
  • Projektion Type: Full Color LED
  • Farve: Sort
  • Pære Levetid: 20.000 Timer
  • Anvendelse: Hjemmebiograf
  • Maksimal Opløsning: 1080p Full HD (1920 x 1080)
  • Standard Opløsning: 720p HD-Ready (1280 x 768)
  • Kontrastforhold: 2000:1
  • Lysstyrke: 2200 Lumen
  • Raasdal LED128HD Projektor PRICE: 2500.-Danish krones = 335 Euro

I aime for an effective, simpel and easy way, in the range of say 200x200 cm (2x2 meter Canvas size)
maybe a bit more:)
I really hope someone could help here...as sayed, money is also a problem in the budget.
Nb! i have seen the smaller Projectors and find them to small..ref. Toutor.
I really need your help here, becourse i never, actually have seeing a projector in action..:(
In hope for more expeiriench folks and remember, the projector is only for transfering a picture.
Thanks in advance
Lumens is ya main issue, the higher the better, the higher generally more they cost. Don't understand some of the other info ya posted and can't be bothered annoying Google translations LOL. Most these days have pretty high resolution ability but that can also be dependent on what your trying to project or the size ya projecting. I personally don't mind sitting in a semi dark room to project, others don't like it. Simplifying the drawing or reference down to a line drawing helps heaps in that sense, some really complicated images will still be hard to see, even in a dark room pending on their contrast and colors used no matter how much ya spend. I'd go for something cheaper and simplify my drawing or reference for the hour it takes me, rather than spending an arm an a leg and finding out it doesn't do much better than cheaper alternatives..

Also consider a piece of older tech called a slide projector, if ya know somewhere you can get you pictures transfered to slides, that will cost ya about $20 as no-one wants em anymore and work just as well if not better LOL
Yeah I don't use fancy led projectors. I still use the light projector method. Gets paper a bit hot and will curl if under the light too long. I just put a peice of glass over the paper to protect it. Sure a led projector is simple, but unless you use it all the time you won't get your money back. I spent like $60 on mine at craft store 10 years ago. I've got older ones too from the 70s that use weights and a cable system to move the projector.

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Thanks for the responses, i found a good guide for projectors here: http://www.epson.com/alf_upload/landing/distance-calculator/
Actually i dont need to transfer the whole picture, i see that now..., its only the Outlining/lines and shadows so i guess there isnt a
need for much detailed pictures, and a simple drawing could be made in Photoshop/painter or other programs.
The Detailed Picture, i can se on the Computerscreen when needed
I will also think of the alternatives you have gived me here.
Thanks a lot RebelAir and ImmortalConcepts.:thumbsup:
^ yer I got a big one and wouldnt dream of trying to chase a 200 x 200 image with it LOL, under 6 foot wide it sucks LOL
Hi AirbrushTutor.
I see that You have replaced the ACER projector.
The OPTOMA PK320 PICO LED PROJEKTOR is very expencive in Denmark approx 617 US$ (http://www.av-concept.dk/shop/optoma-pk320-pico-924p.html) and i cant find any specifications anywhere on the Net.
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The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.):(
I can get a BenQ MW523 for less,than that (http://www.computersalg.dk/produkt/1000414/benq-mw523-dlpprojektor-3d-3000-a). 578 US$.
I have no use for "mobility", battery and Micro SD card, I have (Made) a "big" Easel, on wheels so its easy to move 7-8 meters if it is necessary.:)
I will proberly never make a picture 2x2 meters, but better safe than sorry.
And i will drop the ChinaProducts i looked at in the first place.
As said. I dont no much about Projectores but afaik, ANSI Lumens, contrast and Pixels is very importat.
Drawing in Photoshop CC, and you can very easy reach Pixel-size 1280x800, in fact its a small Picture.
I will have to wait a bit with purchasing a projector do to lack of Finances. :cry:
But i think they will be cheaper in time do to the new 4k resolution.:thumbsup:
Thanks again.
Hi RebelAir.
I dont understand what You mean.....
200x200 cm=Centimetre (2x2 mt=Metre) isnt 200x200 pixel, if it is, what You mean ???...maybe if You are painting like a Pointilist or an Fauverist...or should i say a Dottist (with...out..Lines) for AirbrushPainting.:rolleyes:
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Haha yer brain wasn't working yesterday again, gotta find that start button occasionaly or at least the crank..mine wld do 2 x 2 meters fine and up, anything smaller it wld struggle with..I just bought a cheapie from ebay but still not the best res..I'd say that size is kinda in between a small projector and a large, either or wld prob do..Good luck, of to find that crank..
Ha, Ha, my Brain is also unreliable, sometimes.:(
In Photoshop or any drawing/photo editor-program, there is possibilities for resizing/cropping the picture/drawing.:thumbsup:
Btw. i found the BenQ MW523 for "only" 567 US$ and free "shipping".:whistling:...so maybe Monday...and in the heck, with the Budget...:whistling: