Leopard Tutorial Black or black and Grey


Air-Valve Autobot!
Thought I would start on the Leopard Tutorial.. but I have a question, does the tutorial use just black paint or black and grey paint, or just black but reduced as required to get the lighter tones.
You will generally just use thinned black and gradually build up, you'll notice if you spray a light mist you will see varying shades of grey depending on how intense your mist is.

Check out Mitch's leopard video before you begin, since you will also use white.

None of this is by any means compulsory, some people even use blue or green, I personally never use straight black because of the ugly blue shift problem, I use a self made burnt umber and some other use sepia, the umber actually looks black and the sepia looks a little like vintage photos.

When you begin post your progress and the guys here will keep you straight and answer your questions when you need that, have fun with it but don't let be a struggle.