I don't have a projector so I had to sketch the leopard on to a bigger piece of paper. This is the start so far. My left eye turned out a little darker than I wanted. I'll have to go back over with white.

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That is a great free hand work. Its hard to keep the exact balance so I try to work a little on each side at a time. Great job.

Ok. I think I'm done with the B&W portion.

Next is to try the white texture part. I'm nervous about it because I have been struggling with white. But I got some really good medium to thin out the paint.

Wish me luck.

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That looks very good so far :) and good luck for the textures :)
Looking good, textures will look just as good dylan. go for it.
Well, I absolutely botched my textures. Got frustrated and gave up on it.

ImageUploadedByTapatalk1334624263.470456.jpg. From this picture, my white kept coming out like this and that's what go me so frustrated .

ImageUploadedByTapatalk1334624303.793033.jpg. I just felt like it was either coming out too white, or not white enough.

I think I'm going to take parts of the leopard, like the left eye, practice it a few times, move to the right eye, practice that a few times, and so on until I get more comfortable with it and then retry the whole picture.

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