Let me introduce myself



I,m Malcolm, born in Scotland in 1958, now married and living in Holland, new to this forum, just had a look around and if I may say almost wet myself with excitement, this is airbrushers heaven.

Although I've always been a sort of an artist (mostly photorealistic pencil drawing) and my job is all-round painter and decorator , I've just started with airbrushing, however this turned out to be a little more difficult than I thought, I'm not one for giving up (almost did, sorry) I decided "seek help" then I came across some video's on youtube, which I have to say sent me to sleep, but then I found a video tutorial from Airbrush tutor, instantly subscribed and that's how I ended up here, cool eh?.

I am ashamed to have to divulge that my airbrushes are from Black bull, one is 0.2 and 0.3mm and the other 0.3 and 0.5mm, I also have a compressor from the same company, despite the fact that they were indeed very cheap, I'm not the slightest bit disappointed with their performance, they are very precise and perform just as good as those that Airbrush tutor uses, till now I have only used water-based paints so I have no idea yet how they will perform with synthetic or auto paints.

One final note for Airbrush tutor, it is stated in your general rules section, "speak nicely to your competitors" COMPETITORS?, what competitors?, I have no competitors, I simply now have 100's of teachers and I was always nice to my teachers.

So hello to all my new teachers and all the newbies like me, I'm going to enjoy "spreading the love" through a 0.2mm tip.

A big thanks to everybody for the welcome, I feel at home already.:D
Hey Malky=) when i say speak nicely of our competitors i mean be nice to any other competing websites :) A big welcome to the forum!
Hi, Whats BlackBull?

Hi Black Bull is a make of airbrush distributed here in Holland, I have 4 of them and they perform very good despite the fact that they cost a third of the price of most better known names, It's the same airbrush that Mitch stripped down in his latest video.