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Hey there folks! I'm picking up my first compressor today, and am really excited to try out some airbrushing when I get back home. I've spent a while reading up on care of the tools, and am really excited to try combinging this with some of the larger work I do on canvas with spray cans, and to try my hand at painting some helmets up for friends in the local roller derby league.

Some areas of interest include tattoo design (old and new school), graffiti, and traditional/classical painting. Super excited to see what I can come up with, and will probably be hitting the forums with questions soon!

If anyone could point me to a good resource for learning a bit more about how the different paints affect the common plastics in helmets, I'd super appreciate it. Don't want my friends to get their heads smashed in for style!
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welcome frontline and good luck with the projects!. I'm afraid I can't tell you with any certainty about plastic/paint combos as I have only painted on paper and canvas. squishy is a cool guy on her that has done done epic lids and tanks, he may be able to help you.

Welcome aboard frontline, I am certain your work will match your enthusiasm:) you have the right attitude mate so enjoy yourself and spread the love!!
welcome to the forum frontline , looking forward to seeing what you come up with
:tickled_pink:. ad fez your making me blush.

Ok my advice for what it's worth is to prepare the surface properly, the same as with most surfaces you'll need to degrease the surface, then wash and thoroughly dry. Then scuff the surface with a fine grade paper or scotch brite (anything too heavy will leave deep groves in the plastic) to give the paint something to stick to. Not sure where you live but in the uk I've found Halfords rattle can plastic primer is as good as anything, and way cheaper than anything marketed for airbrush. It MUST be a specific plastic primer to chemically bond with the surface, it is acrylic based so is flexible, and once sprayed can be undercoated/basecoated/airbrushed as you would any other surface.

As for the safety aspect, I am no expert. However seeing as plastic primer is specifically made to prepare plastic for painting I think it's unlikely it would affect the integrety of the plastic itself, but that is only my opinion, I'm no scientist so don't take my word for it. I have heard questions asked of urethane paints affecting polymers, but not acrylic or waterbased paints. Saying this the helmet manufactures may well void any warranty, and the individual sports involved may have their own rules about painted helmets.

Sorry if that isn't much help. I would advise asking the manufacturer of whatever primer you go with, and checking the rule book of the roller derby.
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Welcome aboard

Welcome aboard Frontline. I am new to this forum as well and this is a cool place to hang out and learn from. There are a lot of really talented artists here that are willing to help and give their opinions and ideas.

By the way, I have tried that media (spray cans and canvas). I am curious to see some of your work; can you post a pic or two of that type of work for us to see?