Lets make a deal!!!!


Russ Allen

Hey Everyone! I got a good deal for someone out there. I have an Iwata HP-C+ that just sets on the shelf collecting dust and would like to see it go to someone who will get some use out of it. Its not in perfect condition on the outside but works perfectly. Its a 2 owner brush, my friend bought a kit and couldn't do it so he traded it to me for part of the payment on his hyabusa motorcycle I painted. I would like to trade it for another airbrush. The HP-C+ new costs $192 at Coast Airbrush and I know the brush isn't worth that as its used, but would like to trade it for a Badger Krome, unlikely I know, but I would also like to try a Sotar, or an Infinity which Im sure any of those 3 I will have to buy, haha. Would also be interested possibly in a side feed. Sorry, no siphon feed brushes, I just don't use them much. I have my 360 for that if needed, as well as 2 Paasche VL's and a Badger 150. If anyone is interested, Private Message me and we will talk about a trade. If you would like to buy it outright I do use PayPal. For those that aren't sure what the HP-C+ is here's a pic of a new one, mines dirtier than this one as it has solvent based paint on the outside I never cleaned off completely that was on it when I got it from my friend.
where are you from ? just to calculate the shipping

Sorry , I found the "Oklahoma" in your avatar

what about the money that cost the krome instead the AB ?
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Thank you flycatchr!

@ Diego, Im from Oklahoma USA, but for now a deal is made. As long as everything goes through a deal has been made but if anything falls through I will post it. I didn't expect to get that many offers. Thanks