Letters on a carbon fiber background


Double Actioner
Ok, let's say I wanted to do something like this pic, but wanted to do it on a Carbon fiber background. Is it best to use frisket paper, cut out the letters, put my canon fiber down, peal off the letters and put the frisket negative back on top of the carbon fiber, then paint the beach? Or can I simply put the beach on top of the carbon fiber background using an opaque white as a base coat?

either, probably a better result with first idea, but a bit slow going, second idea is probably quicker but you would need to manage your over spray ....personally I wouldst probably try it the first way
I can manage overspray with a stencil I made with the letters. Would it look better the first way any how?
I guess I learned my lesson. The less layers you are painting on top of the better I guess. I did it the white base coat way and when I went in with my straight edge for the horizon, it kind of scratched my white base coat and revealed the under carbon fiber. Also carbon fiber didn't turn out consistent. I guess I need to find a way so the whole non slip mat is flat against the paper.. I taped it down but still had areas where the non slip mat was raised away from the paper. I have to store it better rolled up and maybe try some spray adhesive.