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It's me again :friendly_wink: I was contemplating how I will be able to get around doing lines and the like, as it is described in the tutorial. Were told to only move our legs... But I was wondering that as I have problems with standing due to ones back being cream crackered at the mo and after my operation I will not be able to stand for at least 12 to 14 weeks and have to sit a lot as when standing the pain gets increasingly worse, so the question is will I be able to get the same results by being sat down ?? I haven't got my Airbrush yet but am trying to get everything sorted so as soon as I have I can just get straight into it.

I am,by trade a Painter and Decorator and I'm ambidextrous I can cut in a straight line perfectly with either hand with a brush so I am able to keep my upper body stiff but also move in as straight line without moving . Will any of this help counter that I may not be able to stand ???? as I'm sorting out my area from where I will be Airbrushing so if I need to make some other kind of allowances in order to get around it or does it not matter how you move from side to side etc as long as you get it right,Is it a case of what ever works for whom ever???.

If anyone could give me an idea of weather or not I will be able to get around the moving with only your legs part it would put me as ease and will hopefully mean no extra messing about in sorting out when I'll be working from.

Thank's for reading :tennis: Mat :tennis:
I wouldn't worry too much about the lines Mat, everyone develops their own way of working, and I suffer a lot from sciatica which causes problems to sometimes, the idea of moving your whole body to create the prefect line is merely a guideline which you can use if you wish and will help creating longer straight lines and graceful curved lines, but it's no entirely essential to your work.

Your decorating skills will help to some extent, but also being a decorator myself, I know as you do, when you cut in a window you can feel your brush on the surface your painting and you can also clearly see where your brush is heading, same as more speed equals a straighter line, but with air brushing there is no contact with the work surface and it's harder to judge where your line will end up, it's more or less a guessing game.

I use a maul stick to help me with lines and curves although I just try to avoid things that involve lots of lines.

It's all about practice and finding what your comfortable with, once you get ove the lack of felling something under your brush you get there.
Mat every person can develop how they do it best the methods are suggested to help people struggling I do allot of painting sitting down and am able to do strait lines I don't move my wrists the things you are really aiming to develop is keeping a uniform distance from the paper and building a muscle memory along with trigger control. So putting yourself in pain to do lines is not the answer for you but learning them sitting down I would feel would be a better idea for you for now. Hope this helps.
dude dont even panic you will just find a way that suits you.... sorry for the short answer, but i think there are no hard and fast rules in airbrushing apart from , do what suits you and makes you happy
Sitting, Standing , laying on the ground . it does not make a difference. It is all in how you train yourself to do them. But if you are really worried about it .

Lay the the color you want you line , Fine line tape over it. Than spray the background color . pull tape have clean lines. Old school but works when mobility is an issue.
But you will have to get use to the way the airbrush sprays and how the paint flows and to me that is one of the harder parts .But still it is fun.
That is what Is what I was hoping to hear.....But nine times out of ten for me (sods law) always makes an appearance and It all goes south...Thank's very very much for all your insights they are very very appreciated..........All I was thinking was if this is how I need to start then I'm buggered lol but everyone's knowledge has put all of that behind me lol...Again thank you all at least I now know that there is room to work around it all, without making a complete pigs ear of it with the basics and starting off with bad habits...And that' before I even get my mitts on an Airbrush lol

Again thank's everyone now I'll be able to finish of my area for working in haha....Happy camper is I :)