Europe Lion-Art Netherlands ?


Louis D

Hellooooo folks...

So my question is has anyone tried the Lion-Art shop in the Netherlands ? I am talking about their online retailing.

I have just placed an order so I am hoping its a positive experience.
Yes, I know I should have checked here before going shopping but I couldn't resist... I am childlike in that way.
yea i got a micron from him and other bits n pieces, also helped when i had problems with the brush. your in good hands

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Well hang on now... Free Haribo !!! as long as it's not the sugar free gummy bears... Nuclear powered dysentry is not my game !

Really can't wait for the new toys... and the bill so I can hide it from She Who Must Be Named...
Well now... I have to say, great service. Quick delivery, well packed, a bunch of stickers for mahala (free, gratis).
Very awesome. Will definitely have to order from them again... 5/5 !!!

Now to play with the new toy (Silhouette Cameo 3), so many idea's, so little time to try them all...
You are more then welcome... While I've got your attention, does that Pre-Set Backend advertised on your site fit the Iwata Eclipse HP-CS ?