Liquid cooled?



Has anyone tried to liquid cool a compressor in a box?

Was just thinking about how hot CPUs get inside a pc tower and they liquid cool them now a days. So wouldn't it be possible to mount 2 or 3 cpu heat sinks to a compressor and liquid cool it?
On what will you mount them? A CPU has a smooth flat surface and a compressor has fins. Nice high volume fans should do the job.
I have see a guy have what he called an ice pox for his compressor. Mainly it is a small dorm room fridge that he modded to hold his compressor and use Great Stuff (insulation in a spray can) to go around the airlines. He never really said if it worked or if it did work how well it worked. But in Theory it would keep the compressor cool but then how would the airlines handle condensation and how many water traps would you need ?
Dentist's silent compressors have a cooling element built onto them which is indeed a copper pipe arrangement with a fan attached, look into these and I'm sure if you can find the right unit you can simply put this and your compressor into a box as long the box is ventilated.

Your looking for something like this;


I reckon with proper ventilation, the fan you see on this unit would provide enough cooling, or a couple of them for a larger compressor.