Liquitex Interference Paint

Michael Wine

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One of my interests in airbrushing is working with these Liquitex Interference Paints.

I'm a wood turner... BTW

The current 'craze' is to paint a wood bowl top black, then smear small quantities of these Interference paints onto the black surface. Using an air stream of some sort (an airbrush or a simple straw) we blow the paint around to create a thin coat of the color we're using. The thinner the coat of Interference over the black, the more reflective the paint becomes, and the more color we get from it. It is the bits of mica in the paint that "create" the colors.

You can watch a Youtube vid (Tim Yoder, Cosmic Cloud Bowl) (didn't know if it is "legal" to post the URL, it wanted to imbed the vid!)

I am wondering if anyone has tried to thin Interference paint enough to spray it? I would think that would be as thin as it could get!!

Would the mica get hung up in the airbrush? (I cannot find any idea what size these mica chips are....)

Has anyone ever tried this?
given the lack of specs on the size of the particles, I'd say treat it like a metallic / pearl and use a larger needle, probably a .5 and reduce accordingly with the manufacturers recommended reducer if needed.

you can post vids as long as its not illegal, immoral or unethical...... then you get slapped by the Mod Squad and sent to the naughty corner !
To thin the type of paints you are using try Liquitex flow aid I use that with Jo-sonja paints which is what Gary Lowe uses on his. He is the originator of this technique. Whether this will thin it enough to spray will be a case of trying it.
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