Little gismos



Here is a link to a random place where you can see this gismo.

Yes, I know, it's supposed to be for watercolours, however, I see no reason why it should be limited quite so much.
The bristles are of some sort of nylon, and the handle is presumably ok for other sorts of thinners, so maybe it could be used with other paints too. Handy for touch ups or maybe erasing paint? Or even, heaven forbid, some fine detail in emergency!

I find them invaluable for testing colour swatches, they come in fine, medium or thick. The bristles are easy to clean, just squeeze the pen and rub it on some paper towel or a cloth and you're done.

It also occurs to me that one filled with cleaner/ thinner would be good for cleaning out nozzles suffering tip dry.

What do you think?
I've got a set of 3, had them about a year and I love them! (hubby got them off ebay for me)

EDIT you can put actual paint inside but I figure it would take some cleaning out if you did. Some stores sell versions ready filled.I guess it would need to be fine pigment paint or the valves would block.
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A lot of art material manufacturers have those brushes and they all look and work the same. So I guess they just get rebranded. They are not for paint but for water. It is to use mainly with watercolour pencils. Pentel has ones that are already filled with water soluble inks so you can use the water filled ones for blending.