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here is a couple of picture of how a fridge compressor look like inside so if any wonder how it look like i have written which one each pipe is but i think its to small to read lol but its on the left picture on the right side is two pipes the upper one is outlet and the under is oil re filler and on the left side is the air inlet i hope it help if you are confused as i was lol keep on airbrushing yippee i love it :beguiled: added a video but this compressors are very simple in the mechanic
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That shoo;d be helpful for anyone interested in building a DIY silent compressor. Quit a bot of work to cut it open though. Now you have to clean all the junk out, re install the cover, and figure a good way to seal it. Might as well make provisions for a fill plug and sight glass while you're at it.
well it is broken and did not work and i was so interested to see how it look on the inside so i had to cut it open was like a kid with a new toy hehe so i dont need toput it back again actually i will take the compressor apart i think
Would you mind taking pics and showing us noobs the rest of it?
I'd be real interested to see how it looks pulled apart.
I may be forced into attempting this myself soon.
no problems splasha i will split it tomorrow and make a bunch of pic during the proses :triumphant: