Long term Moisture buildup


Needle-chuck Ninja
Gosh it has seemed like forever since I have been on these boards, good to see everybody. Anyways I have always been pretty good about emptying my tank on my Silent Aire 50-24, about every 3 days with 4-5 hours of daily usage. Well even though I used to wonder how anybody could forget to drain their tank I was so preoccupied with my other business (photography) that I didn't bleed my tank for about two weeks even though I was using it the same amount. When I did instead of the normal amount of oil and water that is barely enough to moisten a paper towel I keep in a Tupperware bowl I would say about 2-3 oz. came out. So it had me a little worried even though I haven't experienced any in my lines or the other 3 (yes 3) moisture traps I have in line. So besides what I did and bleed it a few times just to make sure to get out everything while rocking the tank and little gently, it their any long term consequences I should be worried about? Thanks guys, and gals, and keep spraying...LOL
As with all air movement machines, heat creates condensation in the tank.
It then is distributed down the lines to the user end.
Only regular relief from pressure and opening all lines to allow all moisture to escape is the key.
As for long term damage, it depends on wether the manufacturer has "lined" the tank or made it from a non-corrosive material [ alloy ].
If the tank is alloy / aluminium the corrosive effect is minimal.
If it's steel, the corrosive effect might be major - to the point of a leak or blow-out needing some serious repair or even replacement at worst.
As you have been diligent up to this last point, the damge if any, should be minor and not cause you trouble at this point.
Keep a watch on the traps and see if there is any noticeable build-up of fluids over normal amount.
This will give notice that something ain't right and needs attention.
If your unit has a filter for the air intake, regular replacement is a must: the more water to be kept out, the less problems you will have.
IMHO, though, because you take care of these things regularly, you should be good to go.
Thanks for your info, I was pretty sure that the fact I am usually pretty good about it would have no ill effects. Like I said there was nothing in the first filter out of the regulator which is an oil condenser, and then nothing in the next inline filter an iwata moisture trap, and finally noting ever in the iwata grip filter.

You know whats really funny is that I remember when I first started I was the type that would freak out and break down my brushes after every use, and would just use tons of cleaner, tons of paint. Now I'm like eh...throw some tape on the bleeder hole, even on my so called baby my micron, I will be back tomorrow. And it's not like I'm abusing the equipment, it's just a matter of using it the way it was designed. I still take care of it, polishing needles, checking nozzle with a loupe for cracks, but now I don't "baby" it.