looking for a cheap source of hand held film?



I work with computers, both building and repairing them...
Just recently I was given about 10 dead 19" and 21" LCD monitors.....Sadly, they could not be fixed....
I decided to totally dismantle one ....and I found something interesting inside...

Each monitor had 2 clear sheets of film inside....these sheets are about the same weight as mylar....and just as tough.
I tried them out by cutting a few odd shapes in them and then did an airbrush test......they worked a treat!
The sheets seem fairly resistant to solvents as well. (still testing various solvents)

In addition...there where also 2 sheets of perspex in each of the monitors...these are quite thick....
I set to and built a very good light box using two of these sheets and the metal frame they were mounted in... cools as...and very cheap!

So, if you have a dead monitor.... grab a screwdriver and a pair of pliers and gut the sucker.....it's worth it.