Looking for a good kit for polystone and metal !!!



Hello Forum...

Yeah I've never used a Airbrush before,I want to get one to retouch polystone statues and weathering 1/6 tank models made of metal.I've seen tons of kits either on eBay or Amazon.Just need some guidance on which one to get.Also which paiting are really good ?

Hey Bizuca, I'm not sure what polystone is or how paint would react with it. Would you be using water based or acrylic, and would they need to be clear coated or not. Waterbased paints may need to be cleared, definitely if they will be outside at all, but Wicked paints are good for this as they go on most surfaces and are lightfast. If you are not doing fine detail work and need to use a fair bit of paint a siphon airbrush might be better for you. The compressors in a start up kit will possibly not be up to the job, particularly if they are tankless. Sorry I can't be much help, maybe if you posted pics of what you want to paint someone else could give you more info.